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Became ZCE

I am very happy to see my name listed under Bangladesh In Zend Yellow page of ZCE. I passed the exam in first chance. Thanks to Allah and to all previous ZCE of my country. I get inspired mostly from them either by talking with them or by reading their blogs. And of course thanks goes to my class mates and friends. One of my friend is also ZCE (Mahmud Ahsan).

I bought the Zend Exam Voucher on 3rd February 2009. But for so many reasons I was unable to attend the exam and the most big reason is my laziness…:) I rescheduled the exam may be for 50 times but as my laziness comes up so I couldn’t give the exam. 3rd February 2010 is the last date of the exam and if I unable to attend the exam it will expire. So I was in a pressure to give the exam and I attend the exam on 2nd February before one day of expiry Alhamdulillah passed the exam. Now let me share with you what I did to prepare myself. But it may work with you or may not. The way of thinking of the entire human is not the same. So follow what you feel better way to prepare yourself.

First of all as all the ZCE’s will suggest you the same thing to read the
Zend Certification Guide and Use the test exam.

1.  Finish one topic from the Zend Certification Guide and search it in php.net
for details. Quote or write the things which you can use as just quick review. Do it
for all the topics of 1 Chapter and pin it. After that go to the Second Chapter follow
the same thing and review the first chapter at the same time so you won’t forget
the thing. After finishing 12th Chapter you will have 12 clips in your hand for quick review.

2.  Now you will see some of the sub topics of the 12 topics listed in Zend Site which is not
there in Zend Certification Guide. So now you have to go for Google search or php.net to learn those
things and write quotes in your note.

3. After finishing all those things now check out if you missed any subtopics. If you saw that everything is done then fix your mind to give a mock test. But 5 mock tests from zend site and give one test. After that you will realize the type of questions and lake of your knowledge in a chapter. Go now study those chapters again if you got grade pass or fail. After finishing give a second mock test. If you got excellent in all the chapter now you are ready to face the real exam. Schedule the real exam and go for it.

Rather than this you can check the following resource which I followed parallelly.

Some sample Questions Link ( I don’t know this is legal or not. If it’s illigal plz let me know so i will remove the link)
Link 1
Link 2

Review of 12 Chapter Other ZCE’s Blog
Read The Web

The Paul Paul Reinheimer Review Guide is also very useful

Download Link

Check out Frank ZCE Preparation. It also helped me lot.

Frank Blog

Download Frank Hand Note

I cant share anything else as I agreed with zend not to share. But believe me if you
are a PHP programmer for 6 month or 1 years it wont take you more then 12 days
for 12 chapter I mean for zend preparation. Thank you. Best of luck….:)