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How to take object reflection in water drop photo


DSC_3709_R DSC_3741_R DSC_3752_R DSC_6586


To take a shot like above you need following tools

Tools Required

1) injection syringe
2) Sugar mixed with water
3) Object which will reflect
4) Micro Lens(I used Nikkor 105mm)
5) Light
6) Tripod (Optional)


1) First put the focusing object and use syringe to put a drop on it. Try with multiple drops to make it perfect. If you use the syringe you can really drop a nice round shape water drop. And mixing sugar will let the drop stick to the surface.

2) Put the reflected object just behind the drop. In my case it was just 5-10 cm. Move the light to have a good reflection.

3) Now move your camera front and back to get a good reflection. macro focusing rails will work great for this purpose.

4) After getting a good focus set your camera to Aperture priority and f9-f16 to get a sharp drop.

Enjoy photography … 🙂

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