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FirePHP with FireBug

Last Couple of months I was using Firebugs ad-dons of Fire Fox.  It helped me lot to debug my css. It’s simply great help for me. Today I came to know about new ad-dons FirePHP which can be used with FireBug. You can debug your php code in your browser. It sounds cool. You don’t have to use print_r or var_dump to debug your php code and massed up your site by dumping your array.

It’s great to use it like same as firebug. Hope it will be useful for php programmers.

To use FirePHP you need the following thigs

After installing those three you should download the FirePHPCore from http://www.firephp.org/HQ/Install.htm.


Let’s assume your document root is /www/ and it is in your PHP include path.

Step 1 Locate the server library

Locate the /lib/FirePHPCore folder in the FirePHPCore archive and move it into your document root.


You can skip this step if you are using PEAR. Make sure the PEAR repository is in your include path.

Step 2 Include the server library

Create a file at /www/Index.php and open it in your editor.


Step 3 Start output buffering


Now That’s it. It’s now time to play. Your first Log Message

$firephp = FirePHP::getInstance(true);

$var = array('i'=>10, 'j'=>20);

$firephp->log($var, 'Iterators');

FirePHP Official Site:  http://www.firephp.org

The Site I got the information: http://sixrevisions.com/web-development/how-to-debug-php-using-firefox-with-firephp/