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Who Moved My Cheese?

I just read a book today.“Who Moved My Cheese?”-by Spencer Jhonson. This book is really great. I am sure it will change your life and make you adopt with change. Just go through the book it will not take more than 1 and half hour. But this book may be change lot in your whole life. Just let me know what do you think which one is your character in the book. I just give a brief about the book taken from the book.

Parts of All of Us

The Simple and The Complex

The four imaginary characters

depicted in this story —

the mice: “Sniff” and “Scurry;’ and

the Little people: “Hem” and “Haw” —

are intended to represent the simple and

the complex parts of ourselves, regardless of

our age, gender, race or nationality.

Sometimes we may act like


Who sniffs out change early, or


Who scurries into action, or


Who denies and resists change as he fears

it will lead to something worse, or


Who learns to adapt in time when he sees

changing can lead to something


Whatever parts of us we choose to use,

we all share something in common:

a need to find our way in the Maze

and succeed in changing times.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese? is the story of four characters living in a “Maze” who face unexpected change when they discover their “Cheese” has disappeared. Sniff and Scurry, who are mice, and Hem and Haw, little people the size of mice, each adapt to change in their “Maze” differently. In fact, one doesn’t adapt at all…

This timeless allegory reveals profound truths to individuals and organizations dealing with change. We each live in a “Maze”, a metaphor for the companies or organizations we work with, the communities we live in, the families we love places where we look for the things we want in life, “Cheese”. It may be an enjoyable career, loving relationships, wealth, or spiritual peace of mind. With time and experience, one character eventually succeeds and even prospers from the change in his “Maze”.In an effort to share what he has learned along the way, he records his personal discoveries on the maze walls, the “Handwriting on the Wall”. Likewise, when we begin to see the “writing on the wall”, we discover the simplicity and necessity of adapting to change.

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