Muslim Prayer World Map

One of my professor Dr. Meyassar Al-Haddad in his research he came up with that we can represent our prayer times in a line. So we can know what is the prayer times going on right now. Which part of the world is praying Fajr/Duhur/Asr/Maghrib/Isha right now. It’s
very helpful for the people who is traveling and don’t know what prayer time is going on as they are in air or water but by this line
if they know which locaion they are they will know what prayer they should perform.

So me and Mr. Sohail Ahmed helped the professor to make it happen.  With the continuous support and guidelines of Mr. Sohail we reached our goal. We tried best to make it perfect. But still it needs more work to be accurate. Click on the following picture to see the map.

Prayer Time Map

If your computer time is accurate it will show you accurate result. You can see the lines representing which area of the world is praying which prayer. Your feedback will be very helpful to improve the map. This is a gift to Muslim Community. Free for everyone to share and give feedbacks so we can make it a perfect Muslim prayer time world map. All the credits goes to Dr. Meyassar Al-Haddad. May Allah bless him with great reward.

One thought on “Muslim Prayer World Map

  1. Dr. Usamah M. S. Altaf

    Great job.

    May Allah bless you and your work.

    Wish to see this work in every gadget and broadcasted on a satellite channel so that it benefits all muslim where ever they are and it becomes a reference.

    It is not strange to have such initiative from Dr. Alhaddad. He is a very dedicated person and known for his support and service to Islam and Muslims since long.

    Wish you to use this application on my iPhone soon.

    All the best,

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