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How to take object reflection in water drop photo


DSC_3709_R DSC_3741_R DSC_3752_R DSC_6586


To take a shot like above you need following tools

Tools Required

1) injection syringe
2) Sugar mixed with water
3) Object which will reflect
4) Micro Lens(I used Nikkor 105mm)
5) Light
6) Tripod (Optional)


1) First put the focusing object and use syringe to put a drop on it. Try with multiple drops to make it perfect. If you use the syringe you can really drop a nice round shape water drop. And mixing sugar will let the drop stick to the surface.

2) Put the reflected object just behind the drop. In my case it was just 5-10 cm. Move the light to have a good reflection.

3) Now move your camera front and back to get a good reflection. macro focusing rails will work great for this purpose.

4) After getting a good focus set your camera to Aperture priority and f9-f16 to get a sharp drop.

Enjoy photography … 🙂

Better Quality Pictures

How to take picture of object covered with bubbles

Hi I was trying to shoot fruits with bubbles around it. After couple of try I came up with following result.

Lemon with bubbles

Orange with bubbles












To achieve the above result you need following items.

1) 7up or any type of sparkling water.

2) Toothpick

3) Slice of fruit

4) Light

5) Micro Lens (I used Nikkor 105mm)

6) Colorful papers

7) Square shape glass (I don’t have one I used drinking glass. To get better result use square glass)

8) Optional you can use tripod


Below is my setup

Lemon Bubbles Setup

Lemon Bubbles Setup









First hang up the slice with toothpick and then fill up the glass with sparkling water(7up etc..). Becareful don’t put cold water as it will make vapor outside of the glass and picture won’t be clear enough. And after that wait for sometime for the bubbles appear on top of the fruit slice.

You need to setup your camera in Aperture priority and use f9 – 15 to make the bubbles edges sharper.

You might need to use some photo editing software to remove the noise if any. Enjoy …. 🙂

Software Engineering Interview with Google

1st Interview


It was 27th April 2011 I was just checking out my linkedin profile,  I noticed someone viewed my profile from Google Engineering Recruiter. I got the person email address and just sent my CV to the person. After that immediately the person replied and ask some questions about skills. We exchanged emails regarding my skills several time.


Then she was pleased with my skills and asked for available time for phone interview. We agreed on 5th May 2011 for the interview. The interview was friendly and I was really amazed from her friendly behavior. It was about 30 minutes interview just to check out if I am ready for a technical interview with a Software Engineer or with the team they are looking for.


Interview topics was related to the pure Computer Science Subjects. It includes Memory Management, Database, Registers of the Processors, Assembly Language, Number Conversions, Algorithms etc. If you are planning for the interview or you are scheduled for one just review those subjects. It’s not an interview to how to code it’s more core subjects of Computer Science. My interview was fare( my point of view). After this interview I received an email on 12th May 2011 stated that “We carefully reviewed your background and experience, and though we do not have a position that is a strong match with your qualifications at this time, we will be keeping your resume active in our system.”… 😛 . But honestly that was a great experience and for the first time I felt that I am giving an interview… 🙂


That was the end of my interview process. I was happy that at least they took a phone interview while I left C/C++ coding almost for more than 4 years ago.


2nd Interview


On 20th June I received an email from another recruiter stating that he saw in their database I chatted with a recruiter on May but my CV is good enough to fit for the post so he want me to give another chance for telephone interview. We exchanged some emails regarding the location I would like to relocate. I choosed Australia. Then he contacted Google office Australia for vacancy and forwarded my email there.


From Australia Google office a Software Engineer contacted me and scheduled a technical telephone interview on 7th July 2011. I was excited that time that they contacted second time and it’s now technical interview with a Software Engineer. There communication and behavior was so friendly that they were helping me whatever they can.


The recruiter sent me the resource for the preparation of the interview that amazed me most. They really want to hire people and they are doing that often. So he sent me the following preparation tools. I think there was no agreement with me about sharing this resources and it’s public. Just sharing with you if you really want to prepare yourself for the interview with Google.


The phone interview is designed to test your CS fundamentals (Big-O notation, coding, algorithms, etc.). I have included some tips and hints about the process below.

* Our interview style may differ from what you’ve experienced elsewhere, and tends to be highly technical. The interviewer will be interested in the specifics of your past projects, implementations and how you arrived at your conclusions. Interview may cover data structures and algorithms (i.e. Big-O Notation). You will be asked to write code.

* Many of the questions asked in Google interviews are open-ended because our engineers are looking to see how you engage the problem. Be sure to talk through your thought process about the questions you are asked, as well as your approach to problems and solutions. Ask specific questions if you need more clarification.

* Think about ways to improve the solution you’ll present. In many cases, the first answer that springs to mind may need some refining. It is worthwhile to talk about your initial thoughts to a question. A brute force explanation will be received less well than taking time to compose a more efficient solution.

Interviewing at Google
Google Products
Google Labs
The Official Google Blog: Baby steps to a new job by Gretta Cook (Google Engineer)
How to Get Hired by Dan Kegel (Google Engineer)
How to get a job at Google, interview questions, hiring process (Google Engineer)
Five Essential Phone Screen Questions by Steve Yegge (Google Engineer)
Types of algorithm questions Google asks (more C++ focused):Top Coder Tutorials
Industry News:Search Engine Land

(#2 was highly recommended by several engineers and quite representative of the types of coding questions asked)

1. Review of Basic Algorithms: Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms by Anany Levitin
2. Types of coding questions Google asks:  Programming Interviews Exposed; Secrets to Landing Your Next Job (Programmer to Programmer) by John Mongan, Noah Suojanen, and Eric Giguere

Software Engineers:

-construct / traverse data structures
-implement system routines
-distill large data sets to single values
-transform one data set to another

Algorithm Design / Analysis
-big-O analysis
-sorting and hashing, searching
-handling obscenely large amounts of data
-also see topics listed under ‘Coding’

System Design
-feature sets
-class hierarchies
-designing a system under certain constraints
-simplicity and robustness

Open-Ended Discussions
-biggest challenge faced
-best / worst designs seen
-performance analysis and optimization
-ideas for improving existing Google products


As I was lazy I didn’t prepare for the interview.

On the scheduled day Software Engineer called me on my cell and they sent a link of Google Doc online where I can code. He was like a friend. He introduced himself that he is currently working on Google+ project. First he just asked me some basic questions what I do and what I am working on currently. Then he gave me some problems and asked me to solve that problems using any programming language. As I am now programing in PHP so I code it in PHP and he helped me lot for making the code perfect. It was almost 1 hour interview. I didn’t faced any problem on the interview. Solved all the problems perfectly.

After that interview I received an email on 18th July 2011 same email like before that I am not currently fit for the position….:P

I just shared it with you that it’s not a big deal to apply in Google for Software Engineering position. If you are a graduate of CS or CSE then you can apply. Doesn’t matter you have experience or not. Just apply. Even if you are not planning to work with them at least face the interview it’s a good experience. Google interview was the only interview I felt that I am giving an interview… 🙂


How to apply at Google (my experience)

First just look for an Google Engineering recruiter in linkedin or facebook send him/her the CV with a proper cover letter.

And prepare yourself for the interview by covering the topics they mentioned to me. Very simple as like that.

You are failure al ready why you want to miss the chance of success. There is nothing to loose… 😉

My notes on “Getting Real” Book by 37signals

Getting Real is one of the great book by 37signals for developer, designer or entrepreneur. I love the book. A must read book. I wrote some notes from the book for myself.
So I can review it anytime. I thought it might be helpful for others so I shared my notes down. You can read the book free online Getting Real. All the credits goes to 37signals.
Thanks for writing this book.

My Notes for review

The Starting Line Chapter 2-3

  1. Deal with the actual problems you’re trying to solve instead of your ideas about those problems.
  2. Do less than your competitors to beat them.
  3. Solve your own problems. You’ll be the target audience and you’ll know what’s important and what’s not.
  4. Focus on building a quality tool that you and your customers can live with for a long time.
  5. Scope down. It’s better to make half a product than a half-assed product.
  6. Best way to know what your app should be is to know what it shouldn’t be.
  7. Keep your app small and manageable so you can actually enjoy the process.
  8. Let’s focus on what we need to focus on right now.
  9. The leaner you are, the easier it is to change.
  10. Start with a developer, a designer, and a sweeper (someone who can roam between both worlds).
  11. Metcalfe’s Law, that “the value of a communication system grows at approximately the square of the number of users of the system,”
  12. Let limitations guide you to creative solutions.
  13. Smaller companies are closer to the customer by default.
  14. Differentiate yourself from bigger companies by being personal and friendly.

    Priorities Chapter 4

  15. What does your app stand for? What’s it really all about?
  16. Work from large to small. Always.
  17. Don’t waste time on problems you don’t have yet
  18. Find the core market for your application and focus solely on them
  19. If you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone
  20. Don’t think about scaling problem until you have one.

Feature Selection Chapter 5

  1. Build half a product, not a half-ass product
  2. Cut out the work and thinking that just don’t matter, you’ll achieve productivity you’ve never imagined.
  3. Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It’s about saying NO to all but the most crucial features.
  4. Build something you can manage. It’s easy to make promises. It’s much harder to keep them.
  5. Build software for general concepts and encourage people to create their own solutions.
  6. Let your customers remind you what’s important. You can’t forget what’s important when you are reminded of it every day.
  7. Ask people what they don’t want. If you could remove one feature, what would it be?

Process Chapter 6

  1. Get something real up and running quickly. It’s ok to do less, skip details and take shortcuts in your process if it’ll lead to running software faster.
  2. Work in iteraions. Don’t expect to get it right the first time. Let the app grow and speak to you.
  3. Come up with ideas (Brainstorm), Sketch it in paper, Make mock up html and then go for coding.
  4. Avoid Preferences like chosing 25,50 or 100 results per page. Don’t put the burden on users while it’s your responsibility.
  5. Value the importance of moving on and moving forward. Take Decisions quickly as accepting that mistakes will happen and realize it’s no big deal as long as you can correct them quickly.
  6. Test your app via real world usage. Get real data, Get real feedback then improve based on that info.
  7. Break the Project in smaller chunks. Break 30 hours into smaller 6-7 hours.

The Organization chapter 7

  1. Unite the team. Hire people with multiple talents who can wear different hats during development.
  2. Make or manage some time at least half of your working time alone without any interruption like email response, phone call, making coffee etc. Make this time completely alone and concentrate in your work.
  3. Don’t have meetings. Reduce meetings as much as you can.
  4. Seek and celebrate small victories. “What can you do and release in 4 hours?” . A simple feature or update and release it.

Staffing Chapter 8

  1. Don’t hire unless you feel extreme necessity.
  2. Give a test project to your new employee.
  3. Hire based on open source contribution.
  4. Hire someone who can wear different hats. Designer who can also write and programmers who understand design.
  5. Hire someone who’s enthusiastic. Someone you can trust to get things done.
  6. If there is few people to fill a position hire good writers.

Interface Design Chapter 9

  1. Design the interface before start programming. Sketch it or making html is cheap and easy to change.
  2. Start designing from core of the project(epicenter). The most important piece of content first then go for 2nd important, 3rd…etc.
  3. Design for regular(The screen people see always), Blank(The screen people see first time) & Error(The screen people see when something goes wrong).
  4. Don’t focus only regular state focus also on blank slate. Because this is the first impression of your project for the users.
  5. Design for when thing goes wrong. Defensive design is like defensive driving.
  6. Consistency is not necessary. Give people what they need, when they need it and get rid of what they don’t. It’s better to be right than to be consistent.
  7. Every letter matters. You need to speak the same language as your audience too.
  8. One Interface for admin and public interface. Just build add, edit and delete function to regular application interface.

Code chapter 10

  1. Less software, less code. Keep your code as simple as possible.
  2. Choose tools that keep your team excited and motivated.
  3. Listen to your code. It will offer suggestions, it will push back and it will tell you where the pitfalls reside.
  4. Regularly put aside some time to pay off your code and design debt.
  5. Open the door for your app. Get data out into the world via RSS, APIs…etc..

Words chapter 11

  1. Don’t write a functional specifications document.
  2. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork.
  3. Write a quick story instead of details.
  4. Insert actual text instead of lorem ipsum.
  5. Think of your product as a person and give it a personality(strict, funny, serious etc..). Use them to guide copywriting, interface and the feature set.

Pricing and Signup chapter 12

  1. Give something away for free.
  2. Make it as easy as possible to get in and get out of your app for the user. Make signup and cancellation a painless process.
  3. No one likes long term contracts, early termination fees, or one time set-up fees. So avoid them. Try to make products bill on a month to-month basis.
  4. Soften the blow of bad news with advance notice and grandfather clauses.

Promotion chapter 13

  1. Go from teaser to preview o launch.
  2. Promo Site with overview, tour, screen captures and videos, manifesto , case studies, buzz, forum, pricing & sign-up and weblog.
  3. Blogging is be more effective than advertising and it’s cheaper.
  4. Share your knowledge with the world and promote through education.
  5. New or interesting features are a great way to generate buzz for your application.
  6. Check who’s is talking about you? Who’s bitching about you? Leave comments on those blogs and thanks people for posting your link.
  7. Promote upgrade opportunities inside the app.
  8. Give your app a name that’s easy to remember instead of a big name. Don’t sweat it if you can’t get the exact domain name

Support chapter 14

  1. Developers/Designers should act as also support with customer. They should hear and answer the customer.
  2. Use inline help and FAQ’s so you wont’ need a manual or training for your customers.
  3. Answer quick to your to your customer email. Don’t use more that 1 hour to answer them.
  4. Don’t consider all the request from the customer. Try to say no.
  5. User forums or chat to let customers help each other. You’ll be surprised how much want to help one another.
  6. Get bad news out to customer as soon as possible. Be honest to your customer. Good news should be trickled out slowly.

Muslim Prayer World Map

One of my professor Dr. Meyassar Al-Haddad in his research he came up with that we can represent our prayer times in a line. So we can know what is the prayer times going on right now. Which part of the world is praying Fajr/Duhur/Asr/Maghrib/Isha right now. It’s
very helpful for the people who is traveling and don’t know what prayer time is going on as they are in air or water but by this line
if they know which locaion they are they will know what prayer they should perform.

So me and Mr. Sohail Ahmed helped the professor to make it happen.  With the continuous support and guidelines of Mr. Sohail we reached our goal. We tried best to make it perfect. But still it needs more work to be accurate. Click on the following picture to see the map.

Prayer Time Map

If your computer time is accurate it will show you accurate result. You can see the lines representing which area of the world is praying which prayer. Your feedback will be very helpful to improve the map. This is a gift to Muslim Community. Free for everyone to share and give feedbacks so we can make it a perfect Muslim prayer time world map. All the credits goes to Dr. Meyassar Al-Haddad. May Allah bless him with great reward.

How & Where to Start iOS Development?

Check out my presentation at DevDay on “How & Where to Start iOS Development?”

I tried to focused on general questions regarding how to start iOS development for beginners and I shared my experience while tried to register for iOS developer program and submission  of apps in iTunes Store. It might be helpful for some of you…. 🙂

Job Sites of Saudi / Gulf / Middle East

Some people posting or asking for jobs. And some or most of us don’t know where to search job in Saudi. So that’s why I tried to share some popular job site links in saudi. If you know more sites please try to write it in comments. I will put it here.

1. // Good for quick reply and quick job

2. // One of the most popular job site for Middle East




Searching for a job you need patience and confidence. Go to google and search for job in saudi in your field. You might find the company list of your field in Saudi. Take their email address or contact info then post your CV there. If they have a vacancy they will call you. Keep posting your
CV until you got a call. If you got a small offer go for it and gain some experience. If you have good experience and you didn’t changed your track inshallah you will get a good job offer. Best of luck.

N.B. I got all my jobs only by Google search. Without any circular or any job sites. I just posted my CV to the email address.

Flash(AS2) + PHP + MySql

Last couple of month was working on Flash. Became familiar with Flash and started loving it… 🙂 Then a project came they
asked for making CMS for their flash site. You can see the site

And the game started… 🙂

Started learning AS2 and loadvars. Faced lots of difficulties and finally manged to communicate with Flash(AS2) + PHP + Mysql.
In this post I will try to give basic idea to communicate Flash(AS2) and PHP.

1. Flash(AS2)

lv_th = new LoadVars();

lv_th.onData = function(varText:String)


 temp = varText.split('@@');

 photo= temp[0].split('|');

 photo_title = temp[1].split('|');

 photo_description = temp[2].split('|');



1. PHP+MySql

$gal_id = $_GET['gallery_id'];
$sql = "SELECT * FROM gallery WHERE gal_id=$gal_id ORDER BY gal_id";
$result = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());
$photo = array();
$photo_title = array();
$photo_description = array();

while($rows = mysql_fetch_object($result))
    $photo[]             = $rows->photo;
    $photo_title[]       = $rows->title;
    $photo_description[] = $rows->description;

print implode('|',$photo) . '@@' . implode('|',$photo_title) . '@@' .

First one is flash AS2 Code to get the data from php. It first create a new instance LoadVars();

then onload called the photo_gallery.php?gallery_id=5 and wait for the response to come.

In php we made the query based on the gallery_id and get the data and put it in three separate

array. then we implode each array values with ‘|’ and separate each array with ‘@@’.

In flash after getting the data as a string in varText variable we split it by ‘@@’ to separate the

different array values and after that separte it in ‘|’ to get each value. Now we have all the data

in photo, photo_title and photo_description array. Use the array values as you want…. 🙂

Note: In the data there should not be ‘@@’ or ‘|’. If it contains then you have to choose the separator carefully. Choose a separator which is not come as data.

Have fun with flash + php + MySql….. 😉

Obtaining a Driving License in KSA (Jeddah)

After long run Alhamdulillah I passed the exam of driving license on (16-02-2010). I struggled to pass it.  I don’t want anyone to struggle like me.  If you are planning to get a driving license in Jeddah then this is the post for you. I will try to write the procedure you should follow for applying and obtaining a driving license.

Applying Procedure

1. You need 1 set of photocopy of your passport.

2. You need 1 photocopy of your IQAMA (ID card).

3. You need 6 passport size pictures.

4. You need to make a file with all this document and fill the application

form. You need 400 SR for the license which you have to pay in Bank or you pay to dalal 50 SR they will do the payment for you.

Best way to do this you should give 10 SR to a dalal there they


will fill the form for you and make the file ready.


5. Those guys will tell where should you go. After that each counter of the dallah will give you all the direction of which counter you go.

6. After that they will take a small test of reverse parking. Note: Remember to put seat belt and check the mirrors. Those car is new Camry Car. So careful about the accelerator. It’s so soft.  Most of the people mistakes car starts goes off. This is really bad luck.

7. After the test they will give you a mark from four (أ,ب,ض,ج).

أ =  1 day class

ب = 5 days class

ض = 15 days class

30 days = ج 1 month class

8. After that you have to pay for the class which is 435 SR.

9. Then they will give you the class and all the instructions you need.

Passing Tips

1. Don’t be afraid in front of police. Most of the people they afraid and there leg shakes. And then they failed.

2. For signal test in the class they will tell you the same questions which

will appear in the exam. They will tell you the first 10 questions which

will appear in the exam. So try to note those questions and buy a signal paper.

You cant do a mistake in first 10 questions. You have choice of 5 mistakes after

The 10 question but not the first 10 questions. So don’t do any mistake that time.

Best of luck for your exam. If you need any information just post a comment.


Note: New Updates by Syed Yahya Jamal


I would like to give you the update information to facilitate you for any innconveniance/bother. All above information is very unique what my brothers noted in this blog but now a days some of them have changed.

when intend to take admission for license you should take Passport, Iqama Photo copy and six pictures. as you reached to Dallah there are many dalal will follow you but I inform the educated people who can fill their forms by self that don’t go with them enter directly to Office by yourself and also help other if they meet you there.

you take forms from the information counter (the 1st one) and fill it by yourself there is notthing difficult if not possible then then check a arabic person sit in the waiting chairs and request him to fill your forms. then they give you another form and send you for medical room but it will be good if you know your Blood Group you only tell him you blood group and then you will be check by eye doctors then go back to this information counter and then enter to initial Driving test ground they will check you driving that how many days will be fit for you (in this case you should be careful when you get down to car fasten your belt and arrange side and midle miror) when they write training days on your form.
Then you will be refer to driving fee counter, you submit only your school fees by your self not by dalal bcz they charge extra 50 riyal and not submit the license fee bcz the dalal charge 50 riyal more for the license. when you submitt your school fee then go to Al Raji bank or Al Riyadh bank but 1st check your friends who have ATM Card of the mentioned bank and submitt your fees direct (80 Riyal for 2 years, 200 Riyal for 5 years and 400 Riyal for 10 year license).

This is very easy to pass driving test but it depend on your confidence. you must keep your confidence up. after finishing driving school you will be advised to come this date.

you should reach at 7 O’clock bcz after 7 they close the gate and start some dua if you remember and pray to Allah to pass you easily and bring this exam easy for you. when you sit with police for try, recite 4 last sura and blow it to police and gurented say that you will be sucess but with this you should follow the below points:
1. Fasten your belt
2. arrange all miror according your choice
3. Your set adjustment.
4. check hand break.
5. give small accelator to conform that car is switch on or not.
6. be careful when you pass the signs. you should stop if necessary when you see signs.

After pass the drivinig test you will be inform to go Room No.8 this the computer signals room. when you stand in frot of computer you must recite some quran verses or surat or dua and start with name of Allah. I assure you that you will must pass when you start with name of Allah and dua. now a days they changed the computer procedures. you have to allowed 5 mistak and you can do mistake any where i.e in 1st step or after 10 now no problem. but you will have only 30 minutes and you should salove 15 question in this time. therefore when you sure on your answer click the right answer bcz you have alot of time. I finish my computer with in 8 minutes. don’t be affraid.

I wish you best of luck with acquiring your driving license.

Latest information regarding driving license

How to get a driving license in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia?

You need to go to Dallah driving school which is near Dallah Hospital on King Fahad Highway. Take any taxi and ask him to take you there.

Before going to the License Office you need following things:

1. Original Iqamah.
2. Photocopy of Iqama.
3. Photocopy of Passport.
4. Driving License of your country
5. If expatriate, translation of foreign driving license in Arabic from an approved translation institute.
6. Passport size photographs
7. Medical report (Blood Group Test)
8. License Fee (400 SR pay it Riyadh bank/ATM for your iqama id and keep the voucher)

Once you have above mentioned things, just take a taxi and ask him to take you to Old Dallah Driving School. Taxi will take 15-20 Saudi Riyals. You are suggested to go there earlier in the morning (reach by 7 am).

Now go to shop next to the entrance gate. (You will be approached by persons for license payment in bank. They will asking 430 SR or 450 SR as fees for bank payment. Dont turn to them as you had already completed that in Item #8)

From shop, you will get application form which will be filled for you in Arabic then and enclosed in file cover . Total cost for you is 15 riyals

Now go to Room number 2 in the license office. The person on extreme left will do Eye-sight test. The person on extreme right counter will check your forms, stamp and send you to “License Check” counter. Here one more person will put a stamp on your application and send you for “first try”. This trial place is behind the building where you are standing.

There will be a car or more and person will be sitting inside. He will ask you to drive the car a little ahead and then reverse a little. Don’t worry it is just to see whether you have ever touched the car or not. The person inside will make his comments on your application.

Now come back to room # 2 and deposit SR 100. He will take your file and ask you to attend a 3 hour class. There will be a three hour class in which you will be taught the basics and after that there will be a computer test. Attend the class very carefully and also read all the things written on front and backside of the chart they give you during the class.

The questions will be mainly Identification of different signals and general driving rules. Signals & Traffic Rules can be viewed from Riyadh Traffic Site

The questions that are going to be asked for the touch screen computer test, will be mentioned during the class by the training instructor. After class they will take you to a room where you will wait for the test to start.

There would be 20 questions and you have to answer them in 30 minutes. If you make any mistake in the first ten questions, then you are failed. In next 10 questions you have to give only five correct answers.

If you clear the computer test then they will test your driving. Congratulations, if you clear the test. By the way, it is very easy test. You just have to drive the car for some meters or you might have to do some simple reverse etc. Cars are of model “Cadillac Custom/Camry 2006”. Cars are with gears; not automatic.

Go to room number 1 (main room) and just on your left there is a place where “License Delivery” is written. Get your counter number from here and the go to the counter. Now wait until they deliver you the New Driving License.

Congratulations!!! You can drive the car in Kingdom for the next 10 years from Now.

Total Expenses

Taxi fare (1 day) = 30 SR
Photo Pictures = 15 SR
Blood Group Test = 15 SR
File Cover, Application form filling = 8 SR
Photocopies = 2 SR
Training Fee = 100 SR
License Fee = 400 SR
Foreign License Translation = 20 SR
Total License Expenses = 590 SR
Your license is valid for 10 years

JeddahGeeks First meetup(Nov,09)

Some of my Jeddah friends Arranged a group called JeddahGeeks. Where Web developer, designer and entrepreneurs can share their knowledge, thoughts and experience. So we can learn something and gain some knowledge from some real geeks. In Our first meet up(13th November) I give a small speech on “How to Become a PHP Geek?”. I am inspired by the event of PHPExperts Seminar of Bangladesh. The presentation of Emran Hasan Brother on How Becoming a kick-ass PHP ninja gave me more inspiration to make this presentation. You can see the presentation below. As this is my first presentation any criticize and suggestion will be appreciated.