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After long time get back to on track….

Hi Everyone. After long time again back to my blog. Long time didn’t post anything in my blog. Feeling again have to restart it.
Lot’s of thing happend in this last days of my life. Let’s try to share some incident and co-incident of my life…:)

1. Left TAMM my on 5th March 2009. Feel really bad when I was leaving. Because
that was my first company. They guys and my team was really good. Realy missed you guys. Take Care. Hope
we will meet one day again.

2. Joined Glue Tube on 7th March 2009.  And enjoying the environment and the guys really good. Got some friends and feeling
better. Became like family member.

3. Planning to go for retirement after 2025….:) No more web application development. May be will spend rest of life with kids and
real social work. I love kids too much because for some unknown reason any child likes me. Even if I hurt them. hahahahaha. So will
spend time with them.

4. Missing my country too much. My all friends. Really missed the hostel life. Now understanding the meaning of student life.
That life simply awesome…:) Missed u all my friends.

5. Day by day become addicted with Jeddah. Getting new friends and the work environment. Enjoying the work. Really thanks to Allah to
give me support always in every step of my life. He is my best friend…;)

6. Dreaming to buy a RAV4 and also a mac book pro.

7. Don’t want Windows anymore. Want to use Open Source products. Trying Ubuntu. Hope this will divert me from windows….:)

Can’t remember anything else… For now that’s all. Will try to share something always.. bye for now…;)

7 things you may not know about me!!

originally started by tony bibbs it is a funny thing indeed. I was tagged by nurul ferdous. Here is my seven secrets those some of you may don’t know.

1) I become fat. J
2) I am wearing glass.
3) I jump from class 3 to class 5. I missed class 4
4) My aim was to be a pilot. But now i am pilot of PHP.
5) I am in KSA from 1991. But my mind is in my country.
6) Sleep too much. I mean a lazy guy.
7) Trying to avoid bad habits and become a hard worker.

Here is 7 person I am tagging them
1) A.N.M. Saiful
2) Mahmud Ahsan
3) Arif Hossain
4) Sadiqur Rahman
5) Wei Dai
6) el NiNo
7) abir

And here goes the rules:

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– Share seven facts about yourself in the post – some random, some weird.
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