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CKEditor the new version of FCKEditor and new file manager CKFinder

Last couple of days I was using FCKEditor. And i found it really good. Client likes it.  I also become fan of it.
Recently I came to know that there is new version of FCKEditor. Which is called CKEditor 3.0. This is new
of FCKEditor. It is faster and much easy to use. FCKEditor in PHP you have to include PHP codes. But CKEdiotr
you just have to include a js file in header that’s it. You can use it to any text area. It has lots of new features
and really faster than the FCKEditor. Hope I will go for CKEditor for next days until there is something new.
Really loved it’s UI and flexibility.

The officicial site of CKEditor.

CKEditor 3.0
CKEditor 3.0

There is another release of File Manager Which is called CKFinder